a friendship now no more..



This is the story about a friendship that will end. 

She saw him from across the room, and immediately knew- there is going to be history.  Their eyes crossed each other so often unnoticed, brows raised in concern with the now, unconcerned with the pain to be caused, and the laughter that will fade.  If she knew, then why did she smile?  History cannot be avoided.  It will serve to teach lessons that will never be learnt.  We Human Beings are programed to make the same mistakes many times and over again.

“Can I borrow your notes?”  

“Well I assume you can, and if I assume correctly, then you definitely may.”  

He chuckled.   That’s how it started.  

Day after day there were more reasons to see him, and by the time a year had passed she was in every hour of his every day. 

“Are you two in love?” un-shamefully asked.  “Is he your boyfriend?” her friends dared.  “Is she in love with you?” his friends were sure of it.

“No no, we are just friends” The reply was also always so.  

Still, their eyes did gleam, and little explosions when they accidentally, just to feel how it feels, touched on purpose.   There was that season, when she made him lunch every Tuesday and Thursday, and on those same days he took her out for ice cream.  She kept reminding him just as he kept forgetting, to open doors and pull up chairs.    It did make sense when he got jealous of the men courting her, and she possessive, when the ladies fluttered all around him.  

They shared junk, jokes, and she kept him at the tip of many lies. Or else he wouldn’t have loved her as much.  He found her amusing, she found him endearing; for years they kept finding each other.  

So why did it have to end, when it seemed all so uncomplicated.  


this is a piece i never finished.  and as it never revealed to me what had to be done with it, i figured to share anyway. any comments on what’s missing, or overdone, or other… are all very welcome! thanks

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