Stare at the Sun



Not much has been said on those pages.  This space is begging to come to life.  

So here is an image: sand dunes harsh, winds promising a long night ahead.  No rest.  No sleep.  No food.  No water.  Only your burdens, and a forgotten ‘road’ that ends nowhere.  

Why do I feel so close to the ground?  I long for silence and I unwelcome company.  I am here to question, to feel, to admit, to let go, to understand, to see to hear, to taste, to accept, to forgive 

Now I remember flying:  I am soaring bare, no armor and no care, just skimming through clouds. 


Stare at the sun young lady, and spread your wings.  

Between the rays daring clouds, you will find the music. 

 – F.S. 

written sometime in 2012

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