Dear Autumn

Going through blogs this morning, I was eerily pleased by the evident affects of Autumn taking over the poets, artists, and lovers of creation.  it was a mother nature invasion, and rightly so. 

When i planned my trip to North America- the States and Canada, I specifically chose September/October for this reason. Autumn. 

I hadn’t seen one in almost ten years, and i found that the poet in me craved to live within the arena of a natural death.  I wanted the leaves to fall, and i wanted the colours to burn within me.  

So here I am, in love in death. How beautiful it is to realize in one single look outside the window our mortality, and that of everything around us.  how small we are, while we cannot come back once we have left life.  but within her, within mother nature, my mother my home, is all of death, rebirth, old age, youth, love, pain, wonderment, and certainty.  and she makes me feel like i’m one of her fiery leaves, descending to ground, to become eternally earth.  

For you autumn, i have traveled across the globe.  for you i have made pilgrimage and my silenced poetry has arrived with a voice of celebration and my sheer humility.  

Autumn, I have come to catch your fall.


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4 Responses to Dear Autumn

  1. Update on the Poetry Group: I am going to have to put this off till next week. I began my new work schedule and I am tired. We have the list and if either of the two that submitted ideas as to how to set up this group would like instead to “take over” I am all for that. Just email me or comment here and I actually hope someone takes me up on this offer. I wanted to be a “participant” not the leader on this. But I will help construct the format of the group and provide the “platform” obviously for the setup and if no one volunteers I will group people next week and simply set a date to have your poem posted, maybe a label and tag we will all use, and a date to try and have reviews done (a week shouldn’t be hard). I will wait and see what kind of responses I get here.

    I am going to tag this post with PCG1 for now.

    -Opinionated Man

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