A Rant 10 years ago

––––May I erupt in passion irrationale?

We are born into mass destruction, children disrupting,

parents discouraging, the irrelevant distracting

….mankind cannot possibly be so kind as to even imagine real love

but I shall posses anger in my passion

I will swim in my insecurities, in my fear, and 


hope that my confidence has a purpose

other than dressing me in red

and placing a gentle hand

underneath my chin


–– I promise I won’t fall

only if you promise there is someone

that dares to look me in the eye amidst this material chaos,

and can walk me through uncultured deserts

where animals freely fuck

and there is no shame… 


surely there is nothing wrong with that


I want to press my thumb eternally

on your veins, until I leave a mark

of my absolute imperfection

with blood so red

it makes your every admirer blind


About fatimasque

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