just here

I have been beating myself over the fact that i’ve left this space empty, long enough already. 

but am I here because I finally found inspiration and time to blog?…. no. i have neither time and definitely not inspiration.  I have done it again.  Taken more work than reasonable for one person at a single point in time.  Full time job, check.  Part time project, check.  Family time, check.  Social amusements, check.  reading a book, check.  resisting a crush on my best friend, double check.  and blogging, whoopty-do-check! so naturally, after a week of this my body is coming down with something and very unwilling to fight it.  But you know what. i learnt not long ago, that time is the most scarce resource.  and if we want “time”, then we must make it for ourselves.  how? set your priorities.  know what matters most- know that if you had to give it all up, and keep only one thing- you would know the right thing to keep.  that would be my writing.  so here i am with a statement about making time to be here.  

but now i have to leave and get some work done.  still, i feel better. i feel right.  i feel like just maybe i gave my immunity a little natural boost.  

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