undelightfuly nice

So i am feeling like blah. the fever and flu don’t do me well, but anyway.. 

so you know that i’m ill, therefore drowsy, air headed, and not all there or anywhere.  i turned off the lights, and got in bed.  the phone rang.  oh yeah.  part time project.  BIDW.  she said she’ll call back in ten minutes.  I don’t know why i didn’t want to believe her.   anyway back to my sickly slow rant. so i heard and heard, and then we were discussing, and then she asked. and then suddenly, all the answers came as easy as though i had my finger on the switch this whole time, and all i had to do was push. 

Yup! got out of bed. turned on the lights. sat back on the bed.  Whamy!! Wahoo!!! (on a side note, it just took me over 5 seconds to remember where the exclamation is).  it just rolled out as easy as ever. This is what needs to get donemake sure you do this manipulate instruct control inspire I go on andon and on…   stop. ok?  .exhale.

we were brainstorming for a video shoot.  and what’s beautiful is that somewhere near the end, when i saw the story come together, i got goosebumps for how beautiful it is; for its potential- after all, isn’t that what “creation” in the context of art/design is all about? (potential).  

The question with the obvious answer is- where did all this energy come from? Suddenly I was driven, and i was awake, and alert, and thinking clearly. 

So to conclude. (really shutting down soon) “then why is this moment titled ‘undelightfuly nice’ “.  Because i’m passionate, and very good at, and also do thoroughly enjoy something i don’t really want to be doing anymore.

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