click here- for inspiration

i wish inspiration was as easy as “Click”. or in my coffee and tea selection, there was a category for “be inspired”; for thoughts slowed down enough for me to decipher what they’re thinking.  like chocolates are aphrodisiacs, is there no substance i can take to increase my poetic rise; to expand my appetite for words and colours; to give me wings, et etc etccc. . 

but there isn’t. absolutely not.

as noted on inspiration, a many times before, it comes and goes like “it owns the place”, and i’m merely a desperate fan, an admirer of what it brings when it comes, who aches for what it takes when it’s gone.  

So here i am, sitting in my office (yes, i’m supposed to be getting work done)- but aren’t there certain things in life that are just more important than work and deadlines? yes there are, but that doesn’t mean we ignore our responsibilities. 

So this begs the question, what exactly is balance in a situation like mine. i have responsibilities, towards work, my employees, my family, society, etc.  but i also have a calling, a reason i believe for living, a reason God has put me on this earth that he gave only the artists, scientists, the positively curious kind.  


Answer seems so simple right now, i feel even stupid. 

Well Fati, when inspiration does come around, leave everything else behind and chase the magic ship down the bottom of the ocean onto the other side of the earth if you like.  but for now, with nothing to click, drink, or snort- get on with your task list. Get your work done, pay your dues, and give the people depending on you what they need.  for when you do disappear within salty foam, they will let you go… 

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