on Depression- day 15 after Defeat

so I have been crying, maybe mildly dying

so i have been lost, my heart frozen winter frost

stumbling is my walk, stunted my talk

giving up on the notion of found, my feet finding no ground

say something or somethings, on despair and my torn wings

or let me fall and let me break, it will be long until i care to wake


                 back into the cocoon she goes,

                 welcomed humbly into her world of woes

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4 Responses to on Depression- day 15 after Defeat

  1. Beautiful poem but so sad. I hope you feel better soon

    • fatimasque says:

      Thank you violet. I do hope so too. Poetry and the world of words has been a true blessing, that and of course the kind words and care of friends, loved ones, and people around me such as yourself … X

  2. Wuji says:

    I find myself nervous to write poetry that is in any way self-defeating, as I fear that my life already has enough obstacles to face. But that’s not to say I haven’t written 100 of poems like this one, you should come on http://www.writerscafe.org and we can talk more there too.

    • fatimasque says:

      I am the same. And it’s always harder to share, in fact generally impossible. But given my current determination to face defeat for the sake of overcoming it, I did what I fear most. You’d be surprised how much it helped. Shall visit the writers cafe. Look forward to catching up there

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