on Depression- day 17 in Peace with Defeat

so, shortly after acceptance to defeat took a near full form (or so it feels), things started to look up. i know it may be temporary, short lived euphoria for having reached some answers with my therapist. i also know it is fast, but i’ve always been one for turbo speed when it comes to matters of the heart, and ‘stuff’.  i had a full good day, even pumped the music in my car and “lost myself to dance” on the highway.  i had made it to the flower shop prior, and picked my darling friend a bouquet of one-by-one picked 30 pink roses.  for the half hour in the flower shop, i was filled with joy at the thought of the joy i could bring her by this “for no other reason than i love you” gesture.  it felt good. it felt great.  the mood swings are still an up and down, but moderate i think. and i’m ok with them now. i’ve made peace that things take the time they need to, and my sadness at the certain circumstances surrounding me are natural, and as they should be. 

so today a little inconsequential silly poem i did write, in response to the one in my previous post (for day 15). as i had this image, of when i went into the cocoon, it spat me back out! and said the following… 



it’s silly, and not my usual temperament in poetry, but depression is not my usual thing either.  

so here’s for changing along with change. 



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