on Depression- Day 19 in peace with Defeat

i will have to be quick. i am here because i promised to keep track of my own progress and setbacks and so and so for this journey of discovering weakness- even celebrating it. 


i have dwelled in some poetries last night, when insomnia came around for a while. i find peace in the written word, in the floating images, in the love for expression, in the place where pride has no where to sit or stand for that matter.  swallow my pride, i did, i do, i shall. because there is something so beautiful about me broken, crouched bent head down, wrapped in myself, on the floor, buried in my ultimate human-ness. for if you don’t eventually rise from the ground itself, you’re not really rising are you?


i will share some of my writings and dwellings of last night, hopefully later this evening. 

for now, a job and something resembling a decent life are calling me- haven’t even had my coffee yet, and the demands are in a long line that keeps going up until the next town! bleeding hell. 

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