on Rebirth- day 28 in peace with Defeat

there have been recent “advancements” in my life, but so recent, that it is not yet time to let them make anything out of me, or for me. yes i am the generally careful kind, even if i leap in my heart, i hold back in my mind- or vice versa of course. (there is also the body and the soul in this, but i’m keeping it simple in concept for now)

that being said, the point of me being here is not so much ‘daily’ circumstance, as it is the journey i’m taking in my being- 

i am still underground, and once the revelations of it arise enough in clarity, or at least in a precise mode of confusion, i shall share.  also, i’m worn down by time as i’m racing it’s challenges.  a long day ahead, with much to get done- and as usual i’ve let my appetite for the hectic get the best of me.. 

anyhow, here to share a write up, perhaps even related to the recent circumstance.. (also, i’ve been sharing much without editing of late, which is never my approach… but i’m almost ok with this unguarded and unedited version of me)


here goes.  


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