on Rebirth- day 29 in peace with Defeat

so i slept last night.  really really slept. 

it took me two hours after laying in bed, to decide giving meditation a try.  in the last few months i hadn’t been able to sit through a single reiki meditation, without distractions and/or hesitant energy flow.  and not that last night was seamless, but definitely smoother and i had a general surrender about me to it… so yeah. after that, i slept. through- the- whole- night.  no waking up on the hour, no busy bee brain. none of the faces of insomnia showed themselves to me. i believe the word here is eureka! 


yesterday and the day before i also had a minor relapse into ‘depression’, which is fine.  i already knew that the moving forwards would have natural set backs, and i was ready to take them on, without being too harsh on myself- this is a process, a journey, a damn good reason, and the best of reminders for the nature of mankind, and the essentials to ‘true’ maturity. 

anyhow, as i had been distracted over and over trying to finish this blog (phone calls etc), i’ve now run out of the dedicated time to be here. so i share before i leave, as i had been doing.  



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