on Rebirth, day -10b, I am defeat (without a capital D)

this is most bizarre, 

as there was a somewhat of an entry written here, which did not include itself in the publication.  What’s ironic, or the opposite of that, was that the a major sentiment of the entry, was how I had been not wanting to share, and that some kind of burden lay on me, as soon as i would start writing. 

i also related that the only reason i did decide to write, was knowing the limited time-frame and almost immediate exit i would be taking shortly after i start. (i had about 5 minutes before i would start a meeting)

you think wordpress realised this, and just ignored what i had written??

well a point to be shared, which i may or may not expand on later, is that i shall rise to my rebirth, (As seen in title) not with a day 0 of it, but a little backtracked to -10, because i will start with a heart partly gouged- this renders humility, and a smallness of the gesture to rising. 


sharing no more until i do, for the appropriateness of it. 

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