Poem: As I may never hold a Child

This below is a thought that, while connected to the post preceding, is something that i will not say haunted, but rather, possessed me for a long time.  did i every mention my obsession with Death?  if i have, than i have also mentioned that it is not of a morbid kind, dark, nor resembling fear / negativity. Simply an acceptance to the fact itself, and in fact a reverence and celebration of it.  Death justifies Living, in the most romantic way.  Anyhow, moving along..

along with thoughts of death, are thoughts of what I end up leaving behind, always always always… (i even clean up my room, and get rid of sentiments, for the acknowledgement that when I die, it will just be additional junk, as a burden for my family to clean up) (trust me this thought is beyond comical)…. one thing that does give in to melancholy, and all at once fills me with euphoric peace, is … well as below.. 



Side and Final Note. There is a song by alanis morissette, that states “You may never be or have a husband, you may never have or hold a child, you will learn to lose everything, in your temporary arrangements…”

my fears have moved from the fist, to the other- to have them now dismissed.

but my largest fear ever, and remains to, is the final sentiment in this line… 



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1 Response to Poem: As I may never hold a Child

  1. Aww, bittersweet, sad, thoughtful post.

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