Opinionated Man: Challenge Accepted

I have encountered a number of pieces in response to the challenge by Opinionated Man this morning, and found myself excited, specially to have seen such fantastic pieces by artists who have dared to take it on, dared to step out of their comfort zone.

Challenge: http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/05/21/wordpress-challenge-out-of-your-element/ 

So obviously, I took to it with excitement, and here is what I came up with.



The Defendant

Prosecutor: “For the accusations made against you, by the populations presented here, how do you plead?”

When I was called to stand, I originally took to the inclination of pleading guilty.  It made perfect sense to do so.  Simply, who else was to blame for world poverty, properties stolen, deception, even maybe hearts broken.  But wait, there is more to this story than my part played.

The Defendant: “Not Guilty.”

Prosecutor: “I advise you against it, young man. But this is your decision. Shall we then reschedule another hearing, to present your case?”

The Defendent: “No, I am ready”

Prosecutor: “Then you may proceed.”


The case for Greed:

I will break down my case in three simple points, without extending too far on any.  You, ladies and gentlemen, are every audience any man should have.  I shall thus not insult your intelligence, nor your compassion, and I certainly shall not take more of your time, lest you think it is my intention to do so.  

My first defense is DNA.  Like everything on this planet, I have been born with qualities beyond my control.  As you cannot blame a woman for her fair hair and deep brown eyes, nor a tree for its hearty bark and fruitful branches, you cannot blame me.  As science tells us DNA is determined, you cannot blame me.  I am, ladies and gentleman, who I am by the very nature of me.  Whomever has encountered me, would be a liar to say they had been fooled, or if he is a fool indeed, then I know that foolery is no more acceptable than greed, within this room.  

My second defence is Purpose.  Like any tool, I am made with purpose.  Like a hammer slamming the nail to make home, like a doctor examining and prescribing to heal, I am designed with purpose.  All the tools are available to man, in a shed or some box, but they are never deemed threatening or harmful except when they have been taken out of their handle and put in the hands of man.  The precision of a hammer’s hit has little to do with the hammer itself, and mostly with the vision and force of the man wielding it.  Thus I am simply available for the taking, while it has never been in my own design how much of the taking is in fact taking place. 

My final defense ladies and gents, is Intention.  I myself, am a being with no intentions, no personal direction, no desire that you can call purely and only mine. I have not conspired, I have not decieved, I have not stolen, nor have I intentionally attached myself to anyone.  The motives are ones which belong to you, and you only.  It was a somebody who sought fame, another who worshipped money, the so many striving for unconditional love, and the countless finding self worth in worldly possessions.  I myself care not for any of these.  My only ever intention is “to have more of”, whatever comes after is yours. 

You could have wanted more trees, you could have aspired to better art, you could have strived for deeper enlightenment. Take a good look at yourselves, ladies and gentlemen.  It is you, who should be on this stand. 


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2 Responses to Opinionated Man: Challenge Accepted

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    You know I actually wanted to be a lawyer myself. Thanks for the write and for taking part in the challenge! I hope it was fun! -OM
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    • fatimasque says:

      Lots of fun! Thanx for putting it forward. Amazing is how many have responded and enjoyed the self challeng; and better yet to see what that brought out from each of us. X

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