on Rebirth: Day -7 (I fear)

I fear that the fear of failure, will hold me back from trying

I fear that the absence of inspiration, will take away my voice

I fear that the probabilities accounted, will blind me to the endlessness of possibilities 

I fear that my insecurities festering, will stunt my potentials from growing

I fear that in the process of achieving my goals, I will forget my dreams

I fear that in my fear of weakness, I will not let myself be broken

I fear that in my old age and in knowing, I will lose my child-like curiousity

I fear that in my confidence, I will forget the blessing of humility

I fear that in fear of change, I will always be the same

I fear that the fear of pain, will hold me back from loving unconditionally 

I fear that the unavailability of some answers, will stop me from asking questions

I fear that in the search for truth, I will be lost from imagination

I fear that in the fear to face my fears, I will never truly know myself




A quick note on the lately laying underground.  I said I would not rush it, but I think i tried to, twice maybe already. and with each time I tried to peek my head out from the soil, the air punched me right back inside. Twice already, i’m dizzy, and a little weaker.  This is ok. I think i learnt my lesson the second time around, lol.  But for it, the underground is a little too tight gripping and squeezing my heart, and my lungs are confused having taken a smack of fresh air, when they were not ready to, not matured, not evolved to survive the world.  But in the underground i remain to contemplate, to make ready my heart mind and soul to start afresh… 

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