on Rebirth: Day -3 (the change vibrations)

Take Note: the point of rebirth is not that i will redefine all my definitions, shift all my perceptions, or even eradicate any of the above back to zero or none at all. 

yeah, some things definitely need to be rewound to state zero, some things all together thrown out – though i think a good chunk of the throwing out has been done already- and what’s left is the resorting, recycling, resetting the remainder, along with bringing in the new (after all, i do have all this space)

now fati, don’t go filling the space too fast, too much.  the point of space is to let the mind breath, to take things slow.  don’t go rushing like you like to do.  

there is a piece i would like to share here. it is hardly in final form, i’m not too happy with it. but as artists, we have a sense for the missing, maybe its why we produce art…..so why am i sharing?  because perfection, completion, satisfaction and absolute balance are no longer my concern.

also…. because there are pieces of my writing which are lost to the moment they are written, I cannot recall necessarily even where i was, or what i was thinking.  (others, and you know this, you will retain with vivid sensation the source of inspiration, as they are intrinsically tied to the moment of their creation). but the point of this piece is not the memory or lack there of of it’s moment of birth. so much, as it is, like some of my writing, a foreshadowing of things to come. there are moments in writing which take me over, when i am unaware of their push or pull, or even direction. this would be one of them….  

on a side note for the topic of ‘change: back in december, if i fold and unfold through pieces written, I will notice that there was much written on this subject of change.  an “anxiety” would take hold of me in random moments, and I would feel the vibrations in the universe at high pitch…. in account of distance, time, and the speed of will/energy/magic/light/fate/the inevitable..(not sure)…. i say these change vibrations have started to reach me just now (maybe explains even the depression, and etc?).  of course the impact of change vibrations, is still not in full, but i don’t think there will be a big bang impact. i think it will be a slow continuous and steady causation, until change would have taken its full form, and some of us are none the wiser. (not the artists and curious kinds of course, we are by our nature sensitive to our universe).  so here goes… 



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