on Rebirth: Day 19- some randomness ?

i’ve noticed a few things i don’t like about the blogging lately.

1- my posts feel much too long.

2- i’m a little removed emotionally, in comparison to how i had been during the depression.  it’s not necessarily that i intend to be distant, it’s more that the “feelings” i tap into are from a different source.  i’m thinking more than i am feeling. 

for point 2- (now that i’m thinking about it more) i’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, or even neither.  will there be days that i am more emotional and days where i am more introspective? or am i back to my “logical” self? shudder

on point 1- not sure how to tackle this. lol. i know i have a tendency to rant, and maybe over express. like an urgency to put a point across and never quite satisfied with my attempt.  it takes a while sometimes to exact your own sentiment.  




you know what i don’t like.  distractions. noise. tv. unnecessary social situations.  

what do i like then?   i like space, and the luxury of owning it.  i like soreness after a workout, and feeling stronger.  i like items organised and stacked in order.  i also like the sound of a door lightly closing.  i like a hearty home made meal (actually those i love).  

and what else do i love?  i love all things with a story.  i love poetry most- of course, and my mother.  i love quiet and near absolute silence.  i love the smell of green and what it does to my soul.  i love a decent challenge (hmmm, well those i enjoy).

and naturally, what else do you enjoy?  gut-felt laughter, the kind that makes everything else stop or fall.  i immensely enjoy a stimulating read.  hats! all kinds of hats! 

speaking of obsessions? mad hatter tea party!  perfect alignment. stationary and toiletries.  specially spoil me stuff, like almond body scrub, concoction hair oil, coconut hair mask, aloe vera body oil, vitamin E face mist, cherry almond lotion, olive body butter, lavender bath salts, cinnamon vanilla candles, rain shower bed spray.  self-indulgence galore! 


done now. and also, dinner is served. 

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2 Responses to on Rebirth: Day 19- some randomness ?

  1. ohcgd108 says:

    🙂 this is awesome…

    “the sound of a door lightly closing” … yep.

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