revisiting impending goodbyes…

in one month’s time i will be bidding farewell to two of my dearest friends. in fact i would even call them equally my soul mates, for the only two people who have the magic to draw out the poet in me with no fail. for the two loves whom as a poet I fall in love with over and over, and find them the landscape to which i can breath i can be…

this post is for Julian and Pesus.

my thoughts, like my heart move from your smile to his lips, from his song to your eyes. in you my poet revive, through you i am alive. but i stand just a breath apart from your goodbye, and as my tears are held in, my love for you struggling within, i know that our parting is even destined for our journey together.

i’m no victim, after all, of forever- but can i not dare to want your heart poured into my cup of life, you the elixirs of dreams fantasy magic, you my poetry my emotions the reasons for my beating heart. can i not say i love you over and over until i die, and cannot i ask that you stay at the same time that you leave somehow.

i shy not and shame not from my tears, and even i celebrate the pain of parting, for it is far more beautiful than the swiss mountains, and deeper than the Normand-side sea, it is greener than the oldest forrest, and even much stronger than me.

to the end of the universe i would follow your voice, and i could hold my breath until i hear you call my name. a million times over i love you, a million times over i take you into my veins-

time and time again history is recorded, and repeated, and man, time and time again will never learn his lesson- but in every cycle for man and earth, you Julian and you Pesus are meant to be loved by me.

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