The Energy of Change

I have been of a narrow mind lately, focusing on the woes of saying goodbye to Pesus and J, when in fact it is not goodbye, but merely a “see you on the other side, call me when you’ve settled” kinda thing.…
and then i have let that aside, and looked at another, wider frame.

In the past two years or so, near to everyone i know has been undergoing a drastic life change. Major decisions to change lifestyle, form, reason, direction and the like.

this starts with the friends getting married (6 of my closest among others) I know the obvious argument is “well you’re at that age where people around you start getting married”. you’re right, and I won’t over analyse this.
But marriage does change the person, thus affecting our friendship, and directly or indirectly aspects of my own life, even if it is a life only inside my head.. (this is why i keep referring to it as ‘goodbye’. i am simply bidding farewell the form of our current friendship, and not the person themselves, right… )

now other than marriage, myself included, so many people i know have taken major career and life shifts. I went from Marketing to Engineering, my sister Banking to Engineering, a friend of mine from Banker to Fitness Trainer (3 actually), friends leaving their jobs (not because they found a better one but because they decided to not be unhappy anymore), and some opening up their own business, people moving and changing homes and countries (many of those), long term relationships ending, the forever single finding someone….
Truly every where i look there is change, and of the notable kind.

so…in consideration of this and when we stretch that view and look at the world, the Arab Spring, the Snowstorms in Spring, the tsunami’s, all major major events around the globe with a tag line “first in centuries”,…

…i feel a sudden sense of alert, like my emotional and spiritual antennas are picking up vibrations “first” of their kind for me. there is something happening in the world, and it is no coincidence. The movement of energy across the universe (like that butterfly effect) is potent with the power of change, pushing and pulling all elements in it’s way. it has truly toppled over the life of many i know… both in a positive and negative direction. Be wary, this energy is only for change, and not necessarily purposeful or with motive other than ‘to make what is to be different than what was’…

so if you had been dreaming of something else, and if you had been hoping a ‘new’ will come to turn your world upside down, all you need is to stand in the current of this energy and be.

But do hold on to your senses, do keep reminding yourself of the reasons we are here to begin with, and keep sight of what matters to you most: for me it is poetry, to be able to dive into my world of imagination, and to let my curiosity roam as it likes into adventure and unknowns…

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