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I watched an interesting movie last night. not the greatest, with quite a few faults in the way the message was delivered (my personal opinion), I was also a little uncomfortable with a couple of “facts” handled in the storyline- … Continue reading

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Like life… but real?!

I was sat with some friends a few weeks back, and as social sittings go, we are laughing and chatting on different matters… and then the following was told.. a young gentleman was talking about how he had set up … Continue reading

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on light in the human anatomy

Just had my third double espresso, and feeling rather wired and intrigued.. intrigued by what? i don’t know… soon i’m gonna go writing about something here and i don’t know what it is just yet, but i wonder if the … Continue reading

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a reminder that i am human

In the last “month” or so, i have been quite the globe trotter. Normandy in June, and August is seeing for me Turkey, Spain, some ports in Europe (cruise) and then UK. as such i have promised myself that until … Continue reading

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