a reminder that i am human

In the last “month” or so, i have been quite the globe trotter. Normandy in June, and August is seeing for me Turkey, Spain, some ports in Europe (cruise) and then UK. as such i have promised myself that until end of year i am going no where…(that’s 4 months to stay put in Bahrain)

anyway, onto a point that is neither here nor there, but a point nonetheless.. haha..
so since i had been in Turkey and now in Spain, in a span of 5 days, i have seen 5 airports and been in 6 flights (counting transits and connecting flights). the result?
swollen feet and face. and when i say swollen, i mean easily 2-3 times their ‘natural’ size.
this is laughable of course, because i have troll feet now, and it does look scary!
what does this mean?

it means we are human, and as strong as we are, is just as weak as we can be. my body is telling me it is tired, and that it has a tolerance for time and life changes. in this same week i have experienced deep pain for the goodbyes i had been advertising lately, and sheer happiness for friends i have met in the process of all this.
i have cried incessantly, laughed wildly, and smiled until my jaw locked- my heart has been dry and then drenched, my soul soaring and then falling. so much to take in so little time.
i have exhausted (with no regrets) heart, mind, body and soul.
and so back to that damned point..

i wouldn’t change any of it. again, it means we are human. if i am not to live exhaustively, then i care not to live at all. and i love the reminders of being human (like sore feet and bloated face), it means i can feel, it means i will die, it means i am living, mindfully wilfully, intentionally.

so many people go through life without living a day, they breath in and out, they work, they meet people, they do and do and do… but they don’t ‘be’, they spend time thinking of the moments about to come, or regretting those that have passed because they passed passively. but they forget that the moment, when our body- heart- soul – mind can together feel and experience the same thing in it’s given moment, then this experience, and only then, becomes whole and wholly.
do not distract yourself from pain, do not deny your swollen feet, listen to your body even as you push it to its max. be human, all together strong and weak.

off to see Barcelona now…
Hasta Luego!

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