on light in the human anatomy

Just had my third double espresso, and feeling rather wired and intrigued.. intrigued by what? i don’t know… soon i’m gonna go writing about something here and i don’t know what it is just yet, but i wonder if the caffeine will send electric energy into a part of my brain that would otherwise be asleep.

I read an interesting note the other day (it is one of those very obvious things which we would don’t ‘see’ so obviously until pointed to us)

we do not see light, we cannot physically see it, but we know its presence only when illuminates things in its way. the same goes of course for darkness.
this concept sheds ‘light’ on so much as it is revealed to me. and i wish i would have thought of what i would say about it first, before coming here so unprepared. (but that’s ok fati, just write away, and something will tell itself without needing your art of directing)

i know that us humans are made up of the same things, the components which make body, organs, the science of the heart as it beats blood to keep us alive, the magic of the mind as it perceives and translates… , etc etc.

but there is something that science forgets to mention. it is the light and dark components which are also part of our anatomy. we too, like the universe we exist in, are made up of light and darkness. and this can be seen only when we touch others with it. this is what makes each man and woman different, it is the shades of light in them, and it is the direction which it spreads, and how it illuminates or oppresses the persons and things which it touches.
children for example have so much light in them, it is a blessing we cannot see light directly or we would be blinded by its brilliance.
and some persons have so much light within them, that even when placed in and beaten down by dark matter, they still manage to shine and spread happiness to whomever they encounter. (there are the opposites of course but why bother)

i myself, know that i have both within me. both strong and both with a potent power, sometimes i am even afraid of it. but i recognise this, and that is all that matters. to know that our light waves are strong, to know that they can travel far, and with immeasurable speed too. (you know that the speed of light is differed depending what it is traveling through- but this is an adjacent concept and no time to dive in now).

then there are people who choose to close their eyes, to not see light, or only perceive darkness. do you think they are afraid of the light, afraid of happiness and laughter? scared that their own darkness would be overcome by the light of others, preferring “reality” as they call it. “because reality is dark and harsh, and this is life”

no! life is both. i hear concepts like god made light and the devil made darkness. not true, not true, not true. God made it all. light and darkness. rainfalls that nourish the earth, and storms that obliterate life. we need both, and we are both. and since that is true (this is my blog and i choose the truths), then God has made them both. because we cannot appreciate light, without the presence of darkness.

As we recognise that our intestines work to digest food and spread nourishment to our organs, then we must also recognise the light and dark in us with the job of spreading happiness or despair around us. this body exists in an ecosystem of nature and community, and if we take this as a whole and as ourselves a part of it, then we recognise our responsibility to SEE the light within us, and to let it radiate with no reserve.

warmth cannot be seen, but it can be felt. love cannot be heard, but it can still save us, hate cannot be touched, but it can still hurt.

let us recognise our anatomy in its whole, and let the light within us lead our way and make our choices.

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2 Responses to on light in the human anatomy

  1. rebbit7 says:

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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