Like life… but real?!

I was sat with some friends a few weeks back, and as social sittings go, we are laughing and chatting on different matters… and then the following was told..

a young gentleman was talking about how he had set up his kitchen with a little “herb garden”. he was excited about the basil and rosemary he was growing, now able to throw in some fresh herbs into his cooking… etc. lovely right.
until he said

“it’s like farmville, but real” !!!!!

And an alarm goes off for Fati!!
since when did the reference turn around for us. in the minds of this generation, is what we experience virtually our primary understanding of ‘life’. and when life resembles the virtual experience, it’s a secondary existence?

so when we socialise face to face, it’s like Facebook but real, and when we witness a musical performance, it’s like youtube but real… ouch and the mother of all ouches.

this life is no longer about the actual experiences we have, but the extent of what we can get online. (which is close to everything nowadays)

Us folk, in between the late 20’s and 30’s are the last who have experienced REAL LIFE, and VIRTUAL LIFE and the gradual migration from one to the other. We remember what it was like in our youth to play outside, hopscotch, jumping rope, swinging bars, getting scratches and cuts… etc. but now. now we enjoy online farming, online shopping, online breathing!

i’m no exception to this. although on a cruise, i payed the fee to stay connected via wifi for the whole duration here. because god forbid i cannot get onto my emails or share a blog… right?! (silly girl!!!)

in this process, we have forgotten what experience really is. it is a fully integrated connection of all senses directed at and equally subject to the environment we are in. is this now a luxury i wonder?

farmville but real!!!! baaaaah!!!!

forgetting that in the “real farmville”, you can actually touch, smell, and taste your herbs. forgetting that you have given actual life to a seed, that the leaves have in fact fed your body, and nourished even your soul.

so what will happen to the younger generations?

I do not exaggerate when i say, i worry. i worry that we lose our human-ness the deeper we step into the virtual world. that we will forget the sound of laughter bubbling deep in the stomach, and feel the energies and light of it tickle our own stomaches, to make us laugh along..

i fear that our mirror neurones will take after avatars and our faces will become stiff, with only 3 types of smiles instead of a million. i fear that we will forget the feeling of empathy, and the magic of a human touch.

Live long and prosper
Fati out

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