I watched an interesting movie last night. not the greatest, with quite a few faults in the way the message was delivered (my personal opinion), I was also a little uncomfortable with a couple of “facts” handled in the storyline- but never mind all that.
The message I personally heard is beautiful.

we live in today’s society where skeptics seem to have a more prominent vote to the way we perceive life, god, reality, the world around us. “God’s not Dead” the movie, shed a fantastic light on what i find to be true for some atheists (not all i promise)- this is that they seem to be very angry at “someone” who they vehemently argue does not exist. this of course renders a vast contradiction to their belief..

but this is not my point anyway, merely a side note which i had realised myself some time back.

so moving along…
while i am not a christian (this was a very christian movie), and rather a muslim, i still found myself moved with the way faith, hope, and solidarity for God and the Human race was depicted. in so much of today’s literature- and when i say literature i mean movies, advertising, Facebook posts, etc- we have seen “individualism”, “violence”, “apathy” to the point that we have become desensitised to the underlying concepts and have come to accept them as normal, even expected.
“and why should i care” resonates even within me, and within so many of us.
why should i care what others believe or how they live their life, why should i care to whats happening miles away and seems to have no affect on me what so ever.
“i have my own worries”, and I have my own troubles, my own battles to pick, my own broken heart to mend.

we think we are individuals and that we have broken from society and defied it’s ‘norms’ and are now ‘true to ourselves’, but in reality we have acquiesced to this society which is now telling us to “rebel” against it, telling us not to care about the other, and telling us that me me me is the healthy way to be.

see, by “just being ourselves” and “minding our own business”, we have forgotten that we do not live alone in this world, and with technology with trade, globalisation, etc, this world is getting smaller and smaller, and therefore our actions have a better chance of affecting the other.
Instead of living in our individual silence, i say we remind ourselves that though we are single persons, and yes unique and special each one of us, we are still part of a whole of people. and our thoughts, our actions, our words are our responsibility as they depart from the individual and reach the whole.
instead of fighting for yourself and your individual rights only, fight for goodness, for the whole of mankind, for hope for god for faith.

here’s a something i wrote inspired (somewhat)

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.53.36 AM

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